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Fill'd Leak Repairs

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Fill’d was one of those projects we onboarded laughing and we handed off the same way. 

The project kicked off with plumber and Fill’d founder Cameron presenting the challenge: name, brand and launch my new leak repair business. 

For a utilitarian service like leak repairs that traditionally traded on price and availability, we knew more than ever we had to differentiate with an emotional hook to get noticed. Where others took the “fear of mould” and the “fear of leaks” routes, we decided that humour would be a more distinctive and effective approach. 

Through our strategic InsideOut brand process, we created a brand strategy on Cameron’s distinct humour and larkin-isms. These defining characteristics of Cameron were not isolated to himself. These traits flowed through the team culture and service delivery. 

Some of the Fill’d humour sounded like this:  

“A fair dinkum fix for water leaks.”

“Fix shower, bathroom and balcony leaks faster than you can say, Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’am!”

“Fixing leaky bits”

“Breaking the mould of the bathroom industry”

Aesthetically, the Fill’d brand and website experiences were designed to be clean, playful and functional. We elevated these characteristics through the use of a cool colour palette, oversized bold fonts, and clean layout.

The Fill’d project included:
Brand Strategy 
Brand Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design 
Logo Design 
Website Design 
Website Development

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