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Rebranding Beyond Aesthetics

When planning a rebrand or developing a new brand choosing between design studios and marketing agencies can feel like a compromise—often, you're forced to pick between aesthetics and strategic thinking. Heart or head. Style or substance. But what if you didn't have to choose?

At The Good Studio, we bridge this gap. Unlike design studios or marketing agencies, we specialise in integrating marketing strategy with design excellence. As a Brand Strategy studio, we dive deep beneath the surface, to combine strategic foundations seamlessly with your brand’s identity. Our all-in-one approach not only ensures your brand is visually stunning, it puts your brand centre of your marketing.

Who is The Good Studio For?

We work with experienced business owners and established brands who are not just looking for change—they're aiming for evolution. We help:

Organisations who are better than they look

Your brand has got you to where you are today. But, you know your business is exponentially better than it looks. Since design builds trust and credibility, it's crucial for your brand to match the excellence of your services or products. You're looking for a transformation that reimagines your brand from the InsideOut.

Businesses with a chasm between their offerings and customer perceptions

It shows because what you say you do, is different to what your customers think you do. You've created new products or services, or maybe you've evolved your mission. Whatever the reason, you need a brand story that aligns, inspires, and delights customers and employees.

New ventures with high ambitions from the outset

Start-ups or new market entrants with big visions need their brands to reflect their high aspirations from day one. They require a brand identity that’s built for success and resonates with their target audience.

Brands seeking to distinguish themselves within their industry

Here, our mantra that "Boring is Bad for Business" truly comes to light. In every industry, the competition is vast, both direct and indirect. Yet, no one offers what you do quite like your organisation. To authentically differentiate yourself, a strategic plan to stand out and a distinctive brand identity that captures attention are essential.

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Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring
Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands

Be your industry's go-to

Our services are adaptable to both service-based and product-based businesses.  We have successfully transformed brands across various sectors including:

  • Building and Construction
  • Healthcare and Allied Health
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing and Wholesaling
  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)
  • eCommerce
  • Sports
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Government  
  • Professional Services
About28 - Oral Cleanser
Tame&Wild - Animal Art for Animal Lovers
eSuite - Connecting People, Growing eCommerce
GetSynergy - VAs for Tradies
Ebb&Flow - The Home of Australian Furniture & Design
Create Right - Big Energy for the Small Screen

From our clients

Rainer Scheu

Create Right
Soojee is a strategy genius and Joel is a stand-out designer. They perfectly captured the character of our business and have made us so excited about where we're headed next year.

Gemma Whitley

Vitality Club
I could not recommend working with The Good Studio more. They made us feel seen and heard and made a process we knew literally nothing about seem simple, easy and we are thrilled with the results.

Angela Meredith

Capri Distribution
Throughout the brand strategy process they really understood our direction and helped guide us to identify our business’s strengths and how to build on these. The brand development process was definitely what we needed to set some direction for our future.

Matt Wilson

ARC Sports
We can't speak highly enough about the team at The Good Studio! Professional, responsive and perhaps most importantly, very quickly captured exactly what we were trying to convey in our Brand Build and Web Development.

Rossina Ngwenya

So incredibly happy with the branding completed by The Good Studio. I came across TGS after reading rave reviews from the Facebook community board and could see the value in investing in professional branding for my start-up venture.

Jeremy Nudd

Buildmast Constructions
Our experience with The Good Studio for the rebranding and creation of our website for Buildmast Constructions was exceptional. The team are a really great bunch of people who delivered an end product that exceeded our expectations.

Why Choose The Good Studio?

Proven Brand Strategy Framework

All of our work is backed by our InsideOut Method. This signature brand strategy process is a significant departure from conventional practices. It brings together your website, brand identity, and marketing plans under one coherent strategy that’s meaningful and distinct. This way, your brand doesn’t just stand out—it resonates, making every effort more effective and your brand more memorable.

Transformative Success Stories

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to producing premium brands for industry leaders with strategic depth and creative brilliance.

Marketing Director and Marketing Team Extension

Gain direct access to over 16 years of marketing and design expertise with The Good Studio. Under the leadership of Director Soojee, our team brings together senior designers, copywriters, and digital marketing specialists. Gain the power of a full senior marketing and creative department at your fingertips, without the need to hire and manage an entire team.

Unparalleled 1:1 support

As a boutique studio, we embrace exclusivity and work limited number of clients each month. Our vision is to remain compact, sustainable, and impactful. This philosophy guarantees clients 1:1 attention and unparalleled support. Sunshine Coast clients access in-person support as standard.

We see the extraordinary in the everyday

We believe that life's too short for boring brands. By uncovering the extraordinary in the everyday. From grout to accounting, we've transformed seemingly bland businesses into compelling narratives. We turn "what" you do into "who" you are to ensure your brand captures the attention and hearts of your customers.

Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy

Crafting the core of your brand's connection with its audience, our Brand Strategy services are pivotal for establishing meaningful relationships. Delve deeper into how we can transform your brand’s presence. Learn more here.

Brand Identity

Developing a comprehensive visual identity that captures your brand’s essence instantly. Beyond just a logo, we create a cohesive suite of colours, fonts, imagery, and templates designed for consistency and adaptability. Explore our full range of capabilities.

Marketing Strategy and Management

Exclusively for our Brand Strategy clientele, we offer tailored Marketing Strategy Development, SEO, Content Creation, Adwords, and Meta Advertising solutions. This suite of services is available by application only. For more details, reach out to

Website Development

Webflow and Shopify sites that convert marketing traffic into loyal customers. Our portfolio of website clients includes custom development solutions including unique store design, membership platforms and more. Discover how we can elevate your online presence.

Brand Mentoring

Embarking on a brand development journey or contemplating a rebrand? Our 1:1 Marketing and Brand Mentoring sessions are 1:1 sessions designed to guide you through every step of planning and executing your next big project. With personalised mentoring, you'll gain insights and strategies tailored specifically to your brand's unique needs and goals.To begin your mentoring journey, apply here.

Transform your brand with the Good Studio

Don't let your brand blend in when it was meant to stand out. Book a discovery call to find out how we can grow your brand.

  • Backed by Our Proven InsideOut Brand Strategy Framework
  • Brief-free Process, We Do The Heavy Lifting for You
  • Portfolio of Premium Brand, Identity, Marketing & Website Projects
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