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Your brand deserves to stand out. With The Good Studio, it’s about more than just climbing to the top; it’s about resonating deeply and becoming the go-to in your industry. We believe in the power of a strong brand to cut through noise, build trust, and secure loyalty from customers and employees alike.

We’re a boutique (aka small, no bloat, no B.S.) branding and marketing studio with a straightforward mission: to transform your organisation into its most influential and memorable version. Specialising in brand strategy, brand identity, websites, and digital marketing, we partner with ambitious small businesses and organisations who are ready to make a genuine difference.

The good people powering your go-to brand

The Good Studio business model is built on us, Joel and Soojee. We work with you every step of the way to grow your go-to brand.

Soojee Ford

Director & Brand Strategist

Life’s too short for boring brands

We find the extraordinary in the everyday and transform it. There’s no business too mundane for a brand makeover—from grout to accounting, we turn "what" into "who." We tie your unique stories to what truly matters to your customers, making sure your brand stands out.

Our Process: The InsideOut Method

Investing in your brand shouldn’t feel like a gamble. Our InsideOut Method is a structured four-step strategy that forms the foundation of our projects, from design to marketing. It focuses on deeply understanding your customer, setting you apart, and building meaningful connections.

We're about doing Good Work with Good People

The Good Studio champions the philosophy of doing Good Work with Good People. The studio’s vision is anchored in staying small, sustainable, and effective.

From our Sunshine Coast HQ our team consists of specialists in design, digital design, video content creation, Google Ads, and SEO. Our flexible structure provides clients access to senior talent on-demand, without the bloat. Intrigued by what you've discovered? We are always keen to connect and explore how we can make a difference for you.

Proudly female owned

If you're discovering us for the first time, I'm Soojee, the Director of The Good Studio. The Good Studio is female-owned and operated, but more importantly, it champions a culture of empowering its people, particularly women in business.

We prioritise creating an environment where women feel supported, ensuring their voices are amplified and their growth fostered. Our commitment to female empowerment shapes every aspect of our work, from internal collaboration to our client partnerships and our social responsibility.

Wow! I am thrilled with the way in which The Good Studio have combined my direction for the business and applied their genius. My recommendation is quite simple - EVERY business, regardless of your size needs to work with The Good Studio!

Peter Sharpe

Tame & Wild Studio

Common Collective HQ circa 2018—2019

Our history, by Joel.

"I started The Good Studio in 2017 with the mission to provide value and create exceptional brands that get noticed and elevate businesses. As the studio grew, so did the size of our jobs and I realised we needed more hands on deck to be able to push that vision. In our early years, I ran The Good Studio out of a co-working space called Common Collective, where I met our new co-owner and Brand Strategist Soojee. In late 2020, Soojee joined The Good Studio, and we set off to build the next phase of The Good Studio."
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