We just want to make you smile

We've helped business owners stand out from the crowd since 2017. We’re all about designing business to be more interesting. Today, we are a tidy team of two regulars, working from our Caloundra studio to help clients from all over the country build bold brand-legacies. Our in-house services include brand strategy, brand identity, and website development. Everything we do is based on an understanding of not just what looks good, but why it works.

The good people powering your go-to brand

The Good Studio business model is built on us, Joel and Soojee. We work with you every step of the way to grow your go-to brand.

Joel Harris

Director & Creative Director

Soojee Ford

Director & Brand Strategist

Good in, for good out

One major reason we knew we'd be a good fit as business partners was that we both dreamed about a studio culture that was safe, inspiring, fun, and accepting. We understand that good in results in good out. To create our workplace culture and do work that inspires us, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is a priority at The Good Studio.

Wow! I am thrilled with the way in which The Good Studio have combined my direction for the business and applied their genius. My recommendation is quite simple - EVERY business, regardless of your size needs to work with The Good Studio!

Peter Sharpe

Tame & Wild Studio

Common Collective HQ circa 2018—2019

Our history, by Joel.

"I started The Good Studio in 2017 with the mission to provide value and create exceptional brands that get noticed and elevate businesses. As the studio grew, so did the size of our jobs and I realised we needed more hands on deck to be able to push that vision. In our early years, I ran The Good Studio out of a co-working space called Common Collective, where I met our new co-owner and Brand Strategist Soojee. In late 2020, Soojee joined The Good Studio, and we set off to build the next phase of The Good Studio."