A peek inside our Brand Strategy framework: InsideOut Method

At The Good Studio, we’ve created a signature method for building go-to brands—brands that delight and spark emotional connections. We call it the InsideOut Method. We follow this four-step Brand Strategy framework for every creative project that we complete.

Soojee Ford

April 4, 2022


Brand Strategy

A peek inside our Brand Strategy framework: InsideOut Method

When we build a brand or a website, every creative decision is carefully considered. From colour selection to typeface choice to illustration style and beyond, every design choice is intentional. Elements are selected for their ability to convey a message and to position a brand as the go-to in their industry. 

Crafting a brand identity and designing brand experiences in this level is visible. But what goes on beneath the surface to inform these decisions? How do we collect intel to form a clear picture of what a brand needs to look, sound, and feel like? And how do we feed this information through to the visible levels like a brand identity and website?

At The Good Studio, we’ve created a signature method that answers all of these questions. We call it the InsideOut Method. We follow this four-step Brand Strategy framework for every creative project that we complete. 

The premise behind our Brand Strategy Framework 

The premise of our framework is that exceptional brand experiences are strategically cultivated from the inside out. Exceptional brands take what a business believes in and weave this ethos through every level of the brand experience from goals to creative execution like a brand name, logo or an entire website experience. 

You can try and create an exceptional brand identity or an exceptional website for your brand in isolation. But if you don’t explore what’s inside first, the ethos and direction of a brand get lost. Creative decisions, like what tone of voice to use or which colours to select, become arbitrary rather than a strategic decision that is aligned to a brand’s overall positioning and goal. 

The InsideOut Method works by understanding and documenting the innermost functions of a business before working outwards towards the customer. The outputs of each layer in the framework become more tangible than the next and bring a brand closer to its customers. The result is brand experiences that delight and spark emotional connections because they cohesively represent what a brand stands for.

Phases of the InsideOut Method 


During the business phase of the InsideOut Method, we get to know your business by understanding three key areas of your business: product, process, and people. The business phase is all about getting to know the core functions of your business. 


The next phase of the InsideOut Method is Brand, which is about understanding the emotional drivers that inspire people to care about your brand, and how we can articulate them. During this phase, we dive deep to learn about your Super Fans (Customers), Brand Attributes, Brand Personality, and Brand Message. 

The Business and Brand phases of our framework commence with a Brand Strategy workshop where we facilitate clients through exercises to draw out the answers we need for each phase. 


Identity is when we change gears from strategy to execution. When aiming to create a go-to brand, a logo is not enough. Go-to brands are active across multiple channels and require an entire system of brand identity elements including a logo, fonts, colours and more to communicate their value and leave a mark on customers. Every decision in this process is indexed by its ability to meet the objectives set in the business and brand level. At The Good Studio, we don’t settle for the status quo. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of the brand identities that we design and delivering bold brands that delight and spark emotional connections. 


The final part of the brand experience that we produce for clients is their website. A website must not only look great and reflect your visual identity, but it also needs to have a strategic role in nurturing website visitors to customers. Your website is the hub for all of your marketing traffic, after all. The goal of a website design is to convert this traffic to customers or leads, maximising the return on investment of all marketing and advertising. 

The InsideOut Method client experience

What’s covered in our InsideOut Method is only part of the experience. For clients, The InsideOut Method is an interactive experience that leaves the heavy lifting of drawing out the insights and inspiration to us. We never ask clients to write a brief or fill out a questionnaire because we believe as the brand strategists, we should be looking and listening for the answers that a client can’t see from inside their business. 

Beyond a website

One of the things we love is that the InsideOut Method can be expanded by two more levels to include Marketing and Customer Experience, further connecting a business to its customers. To deliver these functions, we partner with marketing agencies or in-house teams, which is why we opt to leave them out of our framework.

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