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Vitality Club is a Sydney-based care provider delivering high quality, personalised holistic services to people with diverse lived experiences. In partnership with their marketing agency, The 152 Project Vitality Club approached The Good Studio to help develop their brand and redesign their brand identity.

As a business, Vitality Club brought over seven years of experience providing care to older Australians and Australians with disabilities. However, as a brand, Vitality Club breaks all the expectations of a typical care provider.

During the Brand Strategy process, we identified that in addition to caring deeply about helping people, Vitality Club wanted to bring a fresh sense of vibrancy to the way the care was provided. During our research we found it wasn’t only Vitality Club that felt this way: their clients also wanted to have fun. Vitality Club’s client’s didn’t see themselves as delicate, like many care providers project. In fact, their clients wanted independence and to feel powerful, and they all had a whole lotta cheek about them. We set out on a mission to create a brand that reflects these core qualities of the business.

Our solution for the brand began with a logo that embodied fun. The concept behind the logo is that Vitality Club is a friendly face in care. In a throwback to youth, we used a primary colour palette that's often associated with children’s toys, to support the logo.

Building on the concept of vitality, we developed a graphic called the “Streak of Vitality”. The streak itself represents the impact and streak of vitality that Vitality Club leaves on its clients. Graphically, the streak symbol is paired with photography to create an identifiable look for the brand. With a busy marketing calendar, the decision to use stock photography was made. The development of the Streak of Vitality offered the brand a way to create a unique experience using stock photography.

With Vitality Club, our job was to strategically emphasise the strengths of the business and company culture to help the brand reach its vision for the future. Visually, we also made a complete transformation. The visual identity for the brand stands out from the crowd, and is 100% aligned to the unique personality and strengths of the business, as well as its goals for the future.

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