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Tame & Wild, in partnership with their marketing agency The 152 Project, approached The Good Studio to clarify their value proposition and refresh their brand identity.

At its core, Tame & Wild is Australia’s leading pet and animal photography business, offering studio photography sessions to animal and pet owners. However, as a driven entrepreneur, studio founder and photographer Peter Sharpe had created a variety of other successful products and services including a book, merchandise, philanthropic work and commercial photography. Each of these business aspects competed for the customer’s and the founder’s attention.

The Good Studio came in at a strategic level to clarify the brand’s positioning and organise Tame & Wild’s products and services in a hierarchy that would lead the business to its future goals. During our brand strategy process, we identified Tame & Wild’s customers as animal lovers who felt a sense of pride in their house, not just animal owners. We also considered the mesmerising photography produced by the studio and the curated materials Peter produced prints on, and arrive at the understanding that Tame & Wild is so much more than a photograph—it is premium art. Together, these insights led us to develop the positioning of Animal Art for Animal Lovers. Tame & Wild is the experience of capturing memories of a pet’s personality and turning them into high-end art that makes a house a home.

Our strategic brand process also uncovered Tame & Wild’s innate archetype to be the Jester—a personality type that lives in the moment to enjoy life. Humour and playfulness were intrinsic to Peter’s personality and the client experience at Tame & Wild. It was a no-brainer that humour had to be woven throughout the new Tame & Wild brand.

After the brand’s strategy was developed, we translated the new positioning and personality into a brand identity system. The brand identity is really about the juxtaposition of humour and playfulness with high-end art. We embraced shape, typography, colour, and humorous copy to emphasise the brand’s playful personality. Our goal from an art lover’s perspective was to refine the overall aesthetic of Tame & Wild. Throughout the brand identity design, we were conscious to design a system that complemented Tame & Wild’s animal photography. The brand identity system needed to sit secondary to the brand’s iconic imagery.

The Good Studio was the first out of three previous creative practices to successfully redesign Tame & Wild’s visual identity. Thanks to our strategic brand process, we were able to draw out and understand Peter’s direction for the brand. The insights gained from this strategic process provided complete clarity on how to develop Tame & Wild’s visual identity. Thanks, Tame & Wild and The 152 Project. It was a pleasure working with you both!

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