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Agency principal Kira Steinhaus approached The Good Studio to reposition and transform Palmwoods’ real estate agency, Burns Property, into the Sunshine Coast’s first sustainable real estate agency, MyHaus.

Brands steeped in sustainability can conjure feelings of softness and nurture. While these attributes are part of the MyHaus brand story, they were not key drivers of the brand we delivered. 

Beginning with strategy, we guided the Burns Property team through our InsideOut Brand Strategy framework. Over two strategic workshops, we identified that while the driving force of MyHaus was sustainability, the unique way that Kira and the team delivered its customer promise was heroic. 

Kira and the team didn’t feel like they were typical real estate agents whose agendas are driven by profit. They believed that viewing real estate only for its profit potential and not considering a sale, rental, or development’s impact on the environment is unsustainable and unethical. 

This made the MyHaus team different from all other agents. MyHaus believed (and had created the systems and processes to support this belief) that property could be used to sustain the future of the planet and the financial futures of investors. 

Armed with these insights, we developed the brand line “Sustain The Future''. This call-to-arms tagline style aligned with the brand’s mission and Hero Archetype. From this point, we created a tone of voice for the brand, key messaging, and a brand identity system.

Our goal for the brand identity system was to develop all aspects of the brand, from the logo to colour palette and layout, to strike a balance between leading change and nurturing the planet.  This was achieved by combining bold geometric shapes with a slightly desaturated colour palette. 

As a result of working strategically to rebrand and reposition Burns Property to MyHaus, we delivered a brand that unites the internal MyHaus team on a powerful shared mission and vision. With this vision crystallised, we were able to deliver a standout visual brand identity for MyHaus that communicates its inspiring cause to the real estate industry, investors, and alike.

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