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Video production house Create Right reached out to The Good Studio to reposition their business from just videography to a full-service video production house. What started as a solopreneur-style business run by founder Rainer Scheu evolved into a four-person team in a few short years. The growth of the team included bringing on an editor, a producer, social media manager, and a new co-director, Shane Keeffe. 

Together as co-directors, Rainer and Shane had a vision for Create Right. They knew what they stood for and where they wanted to be, but what was in their heads was not documented or shared across their brand touch points (e.g. brand identity, company culture, website or socials). 

To reposition Create Right and reimagine their brand identity, we guided Rainer and Shane through our signature InsideOut Method for Building Go-to Brands. Starting with our workshop and research phase, we identified how Create Right’s culture differentiated them from all the rest in the video production industry. 

Rainer and Shane are both self-confessed ideas-people who get giddy off of the latest Film and TV production techniques. But what makes them really stand out from a crowd are their personalities and the energy they create when they’re together. If you’ve met Rainer or seen him on Australian Ninja Warrior, you’ll know he brings big energy to everything he does. Similarly, Create Right co-director Shane is a constant stream of enthusiasm who can always be counted on to bring good vibes everywhere he goes. We used our strategic process to inform Create Right how we could weave Rainer’s and Shane’s personal values into their branding in a way that was relevant to their internal team and clients. 

Through brand personality development, we created the narrative that Create Right is part Innocent Brand Archetype and part Creator Brand Archetype. This helped us define the tone of voice for the brand that was both inspiring and thought-provoking. We wanted the revitalised Create Right brand to inspire their clients to play with video and use it to change their future. 

As advocates for the power of video in business, Rainer and Shane saw people who felt afraid to get in front of the camera. One of Create Right’s strengths is supporting clients with energy and optimism to make them feel at ease during video shoots. The result for clients is authentic storytelling that represents who their business and brand is, which leads to connection and trust within their communities. We encapsulated Create Right’s motivational abilities and their brand spirit with key messages like “How will you change tomorrow?” and “Big energy on the small screen”.

When it came to visualising a new logo and updating the brand identity system for Create Right, we took inspiration from Teletext colour and typography, dark screen UIs, and pixelated retro video games (a throwback to the “good ol’ times”). We connected Create Right to its past brand identity by using the play, pause, and fast forward/rewind symbols from its previous logo. Within these shapes, we contained the crisp and pixel-rich work of Create Right’s videos. These bold elements contrasted with the textural elements of the identity, creating drama in the brand’s visual identity. 

Optimism and energy are not only traits of Rainer and Shane but everyone on their team. To capture and celebrate this spirit of the company, we extended the brand identity in the Create Right physical space with a floor-to-ceiling brand mural. 

Following the development of a brand strategy and brand identity, we rolled out the brand identity and messaging to a two-page website. We had an opportunity to add depth and motion to the brand identity’s digital space with animation, cinemagraphs, hover effects, and of course, a stand-out showreel produced by Create Right. 

As a result of rebranding using our InsideOut Method, Create Right now has an aligned brand that is built on the foundation of the brand leaders’ core values and what differentiates them from all other video production companies. All touch points in the brand including strategy, visual identity, and their website communicate these values in a way that is relevant to the leaders, employees, and clients. It has been a blast to work with the entire team at Create Right. Thanks for having us along for the ride! 

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