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When someone approaches The Good Studio with a product that’s not only innovative but does good for the planet, our decision to work with that person is a no-brainer. This was the case with Dr. Rob and his tooth chews product who came to The Good Studio wanting help with launching his direct to consumer brand, Chews, and the product, Tooth Chews.

Having spent many years helping people with their oral health, Dr. Rob has seen an evolution in treatments and materials in many aspects of dentistry. One area that he realised hadn’t changed fundamentally in over 100 years was toothpaste. Although great for oral hygiene, he felt that toothpaste contained too many chemicals, produced far too much plastic waste, was difficult to travel with, and was messy to use.

With a couple of alternatives on the market, Dr. Rob felt that many of them didn’t meet ALL of the required criteria. Dr. Rob and his team spent over 18 months developing a product that had been carefully thought through to tick all of the boxes and hopefully create a new way to brush our teeth—Tooth Chews.

Starting with Brand Strategy, we worked with Dr. Rob and his investment team to create the value proposition of the brand, discover the motivations of his customers, and build a brand framework that would see him change the game of toothpaste products.

During our strategy phase, we identified that it was key to communicate that Chews and Tooth Chews were innovative solutions to challenge the status quo of current toothpaste products on the market. From here, we developed a strategy to help Dr. Rob launch and grow Chews as a Direct to Consumer brand (DTC). Through research and customer surveys, we identified storytelling through branding and packaging were the key to building a cult following for the Chews brand.

These insights informed the creative strategy of Chews and Tooth Chews. From logo to packaging all the way through to photography, we wanted to create a brand that fit with the lifestyle of Chew's ideal customer.

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