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Capri Distribution (née Capri Wholesale) was one of the oldest wholesale and distribution companies in Central and Western Queensland. Since 1972, the brand has established strong relationships and a robust network. In 2020, new owners Angela Meredith and Mark Carey took over Capri Distribution and wanted help to translate their future vision for the company through the brand, brand identity and website.

We began working with Capri Distribution with brand strategy. This consisted of strategic brand exercises to draw out Angela and Mark’s direction for the business and internal surveys to understand the company culture.

We identified four components to the brand’s value proposition: Innovation, People and Culture, Education, and Service Excellence. As a business, Capri Distribution helped customers access beverages and food packaging. However, as a brand, Capri Distribution’s point of difference was that they cared about helping small businesses succeed. Capri Distribution’s vision for the future was to empower their clients with sales and marketing knowledge to help grow their business.

With the help of Angela, Mark, and the extended Capri team via surveys, we learned that the culture among business owners in Central and Western Queensland to be hardworking and down to earth. Not only was this evident in the community, it was also alive within Capri Distribution itself. Employees noticed these traits in Angela and Mark themselves and respected them.

Creatively, we wanted to capture this essence. The first step to developing the brand’s visual identity was to create a story. To do, we developed the Capri Distribution brand manifesto:

Here’s to the hardworking, community-loving business owners, the ones who aren’t scared to roll up their sleeves. We can’t ignore you because you are our lifeblood. While the world may see you as small, we see you as mighty.

From here, we redesigned the brand visual identity entirely, beginning with a new logo, typeface, colours. We rounded it out with a brand photoshoot at the Capri Distribution warehouse.

The final touchpoint we developed for Capri Distribution was a website. We strategically designed the website to communicate the four components of the brand’s value proposition and to clearly communicate the business’s two core competencies: Beverages and Food Packaging.

As a result of working from strategy to design, the Capri Distribution rebrand and website now presents itself as a cohesive and powerful asset for the business. All of the creative decisions were underpinned by a strategic understanding of the future of the business. Each decision was carefully made to move Capri Distribution closer to their customers, and close to their brand’s goal of being a go-to for distribution and education.

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