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Big Dog Pet Foods is a raw pet food manufacturer in Brisbane, which distributes nationally via some of Australia's largest pet stores. Big Dog Pet Foods worked with Last20 (now The Good Studio) to redesign their website as an alternative way to connect with their customers and gain insights to assist in high-level business decisions.

We started the website redesign process with brand strategy to solidify the brand’s value proposition and the future vision for the company. Our strategic process was comprehensive— we gathered the C-suite, Marketing, and Sales Operations together for two days of brand workshop activities.

This collaborative way of working allowed us to co-create the brand strategy and digital strategy with Big Dog Pet Foods. We gave all team members the opportunity to share their goals and what was helping or holding them back from achieving them. Our strategic process went well beyond the boardroom as we invited all team members from Big Dog Pet Foods and customers to contribute via surveys. We used surveys to test the insights and directions that surfaced during the brand workshops.

The outcome from the workshop and research was that Big Dog Pet Food’s all-natural and raw value proposition needed to be elevated. We also identified that owners who fed their dogs and cats a raw food diet do so because they want the best for their pet—they do it out of love. With this discovery, we realised there was an opportunity for the brand to invest in more emotional storytelling.

Surveys and feedback from the customer service team suggested that customers were confused by which products to purchase. This was not only a barrier to purchase, but customer support within Big Dog Pet Foods spent much of their time managing questions about a raw diet.

Using these insights, we redesigned the brand’s website, from photography and written copy, site to architecture, all the way through to custom feature development. With this new website, the brand was able to leverage the website to gain deeper insights into their customer.

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