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Functional Oral Therapist Rosi Ngwenya noticed that the natural toothpaste products sold online and in supermarkets were ineffective compared to the clinician-only products she used in her day job. Inspired to innovate a stagnant category, Rosi approached The Good Studio to brand and launch a natural toothpaste that worked. 

Transforming a concept into a brand was a big challenge. An expert in functional oral health and the product ingredients, Rosi felt overwhelmed about where to direct her focus when building a differentiated and memorable brand for her product.  

In addition, everything was at stake. Rosi jumped heart first into her new venture leaving her day job to pursue starting and scaling her new business. Understanding that everything was up for grabs and the gravity of getting it right, this was a challenge we could not wait to sink our teeth into. 

Creating a stand-out and effective brand from scratch requires insights. To understand the core of the About28 brand, we guided Rosi through our Inside Out Method. Working from business strategy to brand strategy, to brand identity, we methodically uncovered and defined the brand DNA of what was to be called About28. 

Our strategy sessions with Rosi uncovered that About28 was not just another toothpaste. About28 was a new way of caring for our bodies by prioritising our oral health. Did we question why as consumers, we take pride in our skin care but not our oral care?

Especially when oral care links to gut health and overall wellness. 

With these insights and questions, we identified an opportunity to position About28 as an oral cleanser and beauty product rather than traditional toothpaste. 

Visually, the brand identity system developed for About28 design gives subtle hints to its Sunshine Coast origins. We told this story using colour and paper cut-out silhouettes to represent the coastline, flora, and fauna. The About28 visual identity was purposefully designed to sit confidently beside beauty and skin care products, which we achieved through clean lines, bold shapes, and curated photography.

Over 10 weeks, we shaped a product concept into the About28 brand and delivered:

  • Brand Workshop
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Brand Personality
  • Name Development
  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Identity Design 
  • Logo Design 
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging Design 
  • Social Media Design 
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