Joel Harris

Director & Creative Director

Hey, I’m Joel. I’m the Creative Director and co-owner of The Good Studio. I have a love for developing inspiring brand visuals that showcase the special sauce of what makes a business unique. I generally spend my day developing identity systems, designing logos, developing websites and working on marketing content for The Good Studio (like this profile I’m really struggling to write about myself), all while highly jacked up on caffeine.

My design journey started at a very young age while licking stamps at my father’s print production company for the then-verison of email marketing; letterbox advertising. It was during this time that I fell in love with all things designs and learned about the power a creative can have on a business. As I got older and continued to sharpen my design skills at University & TAFE, my position as Junior Stamp Licker slowly transitioned into Senior Designer.

From there, I spent several years contracting through a few design agencies and freelancing projects, building to where I am today.

As an owner of The Good Studio, I take all of the lessons I’ve learned and implement them into my work. I continually get excited about working with new brands as I see each new project as my future best work. 


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