The Brand Scaling Suite is our flagship package for small business. Designed to position and present your brand as the go-to.

Our most popular services bundled into one powerful package

The Brand Scaling Suite is a collection of our most popular services: Brand Strategy and Brand Identity. This flagship package is designed to position and present your business as the go-to brand in your industry.

Over eight weeks, we redesign the future of your brand from the inside out. Walk away knowing your brand's strategic zone of genius, with a new brand identity that connects and inspires, and all the knowledge and tools you'll need to grow your go-to brand.

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, you need a brand that stands out—our Brand Scaling Suite is made for you.

Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring
Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands • Boring is bad for business • No boring brands

Does this sound like you?

"We're better than we look"

Your brand has got you to where you are today. But, you know your business is better than it looks. Your business has grown up and now your brand needs to catch up. You need a brand strategy to reestablish your personality and positioning, and a new brand identity that looks as good as you are.

"We've outgrown our brand"

It shows because what you say you do, is different to what your customers think you do. You've created new products or services, or maybe you've evolved your mission. Whatever the reason, you need a brand story that aligns, inspires, and delights customers and employees.

"We want to stand out, not fit in"

You might look like everyone else, but your customer experience is one-of-a-kind. You're ready to embrace a brand that stands out in the crowd. You need a strategic plan to stand out and a brand identity system that will get you noticed.

"We want to stand out, straight outta the gates"

You're starting a new business, but you aren’t new to business. With ambitions like yours, you know you need a brand strategy and brand identity to set you apart from the rest, straight outta the gates.

If you answered yes to any of these, our Brand Scaling Suite is perfect for you.

Soojee is a strategy genius and Joel is a stand-out designer. They perfectly captured the character of our business and have made us so excited about where we're headed next year.

Rainer Scheu
Create Right
I could not recommend working with Soojee and Joel more. They made us feel seen and heard and made a process we knew literally nothing about seem simple, easy and we are thrilled with the results.

Gemma Whitley
Vitality Club
Throughout the brand strategy process they really understood our direction and helped guide us to identify our business’s strengths and how to build on these. The brand development process was definitely what we needed to set some direction for our future.

Angela Meredith
Capri Distribution

What's included?

01. Brand Workshop

An interactive workshop where we guide you through exercises that are designed to help you reimagine the future of your brand. Our workshop draws out what makes your company a go-to brand. The best part? It requires ZERO preparation from you.

02. Strategic Zone of Genius

We take what makes your company tick and what gets your customers hot under the collar—and show you how to align the two in memorable and human ways. This overlap is what we call your brand's strategic zone of genius. This magical zone is where your brand is confident in who it is, and by doing so attracts dream customers and dream employees.

03. Brand Messaging

We're not your usual design studio. We start our creative process by writing key brand messages because brand design is communication. The result—a verbal brand and visual brand that are entwined and enhance one another.

04. Logo Design

Simple, memorable, and ownable. Need we say more? Your Brand Scaling Suite includes a logo that is designed to last you a lifetime.

05. Brand Identity System

Your Brand Scaling Suite expands well beyond your logo. Your suite includes a comprehensive brand identity system of fonts, logos, colours, art direction, illustrations and templates. Your brand will be recognised in an instant, no matter what platform you're on.

06. Documentation

Your Brand Scaling Suite is packaged in a Brand Manual. Beautifully designed, this document is your manual to elevating your business to a go-to status. It includes all of the above and links out to your brand's creative assets. Giving you everything you need in one place.

Book a Brand Scaling Suite discovery call

Ready to transform your business into a go-to brand? Schedule a Brand Scaling Suite discovery call. We'll walk you through the suite in more detail, review your brand and your goals to understand how we can help you scale your brand.

Frequently asked questions

How long and what does the Brand Scaling suite cost?

Our Brand Scaling Suite is an 8 week process from the first workshop through to a ready to launch brand. The package costs a total of $15,250+GST

Do you work with clients outside of the Sunshine Coast?

Yes! Quite a few of our clients are from Sydney and Brisbane. We have also worked with clients from the US, Japan and Germany. All of our services can be facilitated one, however for a fee, we can travel to your location to facilitate our brand strategy. Send us an email at to find out more.

When can we get started?

The next opportunity to work with The Good Studio is January 2022. Get in touch and secure your Brand Scaling Suite for 2022. With a January start, you can expect to have your rebrand or new brand ready by March. What are you waiting for? Schedule your discovery call today.

Is the Brand Scaling Suite suitable for new brands?

Yes, but only if you’re an experienced business owner or leader launching a new brand. Our Scaling Suite process works best for established or experienced business leaders. If you are unsure if this is you, book a discovery call and we will determine if our Brand Scaling Suite is suitable for your brand.

Is the Brand Scaling Suite suitable for rebrands?

Absolutely! The Brand Scaling Suite is designed to help you pivot, evolve, revitalise or completely rebrand your brand. Our strategic foundations will provide you with the blueprint for using your rebrand to reach your goals. Our brand identity system will ensure your rebrand gets noticed, and that you’ll have all the visual tools you need to manage your brand well into the future.

Is the Brand Scaling Suite suitable for our enterprise?

Our Brand Scaling Suite is designed for teams of fewer than five people. If you have more than five people who'd be involved in the branding process, or you’re an enterprise-level company, get in touch and we will create a custom Brand Strategy and Brand Identity package for you. Requirements at this level of business are more in-depth than what is offered within the Brand Scaling Suite.

I am thrilled with the way in which The Good Studio have combined my direction for the business and applied their genius. My recommendation is quite simple - every business, regardless of your size needs to work with The Good Studio.

Peter Sharp

Tame & Wild