HR isn’t what you think it is with Hareta McMullin

In this week's episode, Joel and Soojee are joined by special guest, Hareta McMullin of Third Space. Hareta McMullin. Hareta is an ex-HR Manager turned Leadership Coach, shaking up the way we think and feel about HR. Advocating the power of human connection, she founded Third Space to help leaders like you who want approachable, forward thinking and slightly unconventional HR leadership support.

Release Date:
August 8, 2022
Show notes

Today they discuss the importance of reframing the traditional thoughts around HR departments and outline the need of prioritising the employee journey and not just the customer journey. This episode gives a great insight into how brand and culture work hand in hand to grow businesses, and includes tips and tricks to start shifting the overall culture of your business. 

To access Hareta’s 5 part delegation series mentioned in the episode, click here

To find out more about Hareta, Visit her website here.

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