The Good Studio welcomes Soojee

In our early years, I ran The Good Studio out of a co-working space called Common Collective, where I met our new co-owner and Brand Strategist Soojee. In late 2020, Soojee joined The Good Studio, and we set off to build the next phase of The Good Studio.

Joel Harris

February 28, 2022



The Good Studio welcomes Soojee

I started The Good Studio back in 2017 with the main mission to provide value and create exceptional brands that get noticed and elevate businesses. During that time the studio has become busier and the projects have gotten bigger. I realised we need more hands on deck to be able to push that vision. Throughout this time, The Good Studio has been operating out of the co-working office, Common Collective, and that is where I met Soojee.

Soojee runs a business called Last20, if you don’t know Last20 is a digital studio based on the Sunshine Coast and Berlin, during this time we have had many conversations about how we can collaborate on projects together.

Late last year we both decided to merge the Last20 and The Good Studio together. Myself and Soojee have also had aligned values, not just for the love of solving problems through creative solutions but for building a workspace that creates exceptional brands and prioritising wellbeing within a workplace.If you have had the opportunity to meet Soojee you would undoubtedly agree with me that her ability to help businesses understand their full potential is second to none. I'm so excited for her to put these skills to work with our growing client base.

Soojee will be focusing on brand strategy, allowing myself to focus on creative direction. This will provide us to provide more value to our clients and allow us to create brands that make you the go-to within your industry. Soojee and I are looking forward to continuing to grow The Good Studio and can’t wait to share a few more exciting announcements over the next couple of months. Stay tuned.

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